History of Forensic Psychology

Application: History of Forensic Psychology

How did forensic psychology evolve into a psychology specialty? Most agree that forensic psychology’s history dates back to 1893 when the first psychology experiment was conducted on the psychological aspects of a witness’s testimony. However, other important events have contributed to the development of the field. The formal recognition of contemporary forensic psychology in the United States is usually dated to 2001 with the American Psychological Association’s recognition of forensic psychology as a specialty. It is an exciting field of study and practice that is evolving from year to year.

To prepare for this assignment:

Review Chapter 1 in the course text, Introduction to Forensic Psychology, paying attention to the influence of psychology on the legal system throughout the historical benchmarks.

Consider how the intermingling of psychology and law has evolved over the years.

Consider how the history of forensic psychology has laid a foundation for the discipline today.

Think about the evolution of the field of forensic psychology (where it started, the current state, and where it might be heading).

The assignment (1–2 pages):

Describe two events or aspects of forensic psychology history.

Explain how each has contributed to the evolving field of forensic psychology. Be specific and provide examples.