History and Systems of Psychology

  1. Discuss how Adler’s view of how a person’s level of social interest was determined by positive or negative social experiences in early childhood and what he called that lifestyle. Using examples, discuss what he saw as a solution to psychological disorders, or problems.
  2. Discuss Horney’s rebuttal to Freud’s view of female psychology, specifically his gender bias and genitalia envy.
  3. Discuss Pierre Janet’s concept of psychic energy and how he related this concept to mental health.
  4. Discuss the social and political events that heavily impacted Pavlov’s research, specifically within the pivotal time period of his Tower of Silence distinction as the world-class center for physiological research.
  5. Stanley Milgram’s obedience studies were controversial, had unexpected outcomes, and challenged research ethical procedures. Discuss these elements specifically related to Milgram’s authority experience. Do you see Milgram’s findings applicable to contemporary social psychology?
  6. The concept of self-actualization was first applied by Kurt Goldstein, used by Abraham Maslow, and extended in terms of categorization by Carl Rogers.
  7. Discuss this progression and the change in application to describing human needs and development.