Health promotion strategy

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The poster presentation will be worth 25% of your final mark.
The poster presentation must be submitted to Turnitin on Moodie by 16th March 2023 at 11.30pm.
Choose ONE health promotion strategy from this list for your assignment:
Ebola containment strategy in Liberia: ebola-containment-strategy.html Change4Life Programme: Global Action on HIV: ass et/global-partnership-hiv-stigma-discrimination en.pdf 4 Global Action on clean air: 5WHO – The European Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020: data/assets/pdf file/0020 /280604/VVHO-Europe-Mental-Health-Acion-Plan-2013-2020.pdf?ua=1 6 Decriminalisation of drugs in Portugal: DPA Fact Sheet Portu,a1 Decriminalization Fcb2015. pdfc( and Drug-decriminalisation-in-Portugal-setting-the-record-straight.pstf ( 7 Healthy Lives, Healthy People: https://assets.publishing.service.g/government /uploads/system/uploads/attachment data/file/2160 96/dh 127424. psi!. Obesity Health Alliance
content/uploads/2021 /09/Turning-the-Tide-A-1 u year-Healthy-Weight-Strategy.pdf V. Cervical Screening Programme UK Cervical screening: programme overview – GOV.UK 41111111(

4. Recommended reading See Moodle for other readings.
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