Health Promotion Planning Cycle

Assessment Task One – Part C template
Please include the below key areas (utilising subheadings) in part C of your poster. These
key areas address Stage 2 of the Health Promotion Planning Cycle. You will find information
on these key areas via the below link.
Set 1-2 SMART goals that address the change you have discussed in part B. How to construct
a SMART goal is addressed in the above link, subheading ‘Objectives and sub-objectives’.
Please ensure that you include each element of SMART in your goal/s.
Strategies and activities
Use complementary strategies that will help to bring about change. Each strategy should link
to the SMART goal/s that you have created.
What resources would need to be available for your plan to succeed? Consider what
resources are already available within the community that could be drawn upon. For the
purpose of this assessment, you are not required to include a budget.
Describe at least one way that you will review if your plan has worked. You are not required
to outline if you plan has worked or not, rather, we are asking you to provide us with details
around HOW you will evaluate if your plan has worked.