Communication and Interprofessional Collaboration HCM4003

GUIDELINE FOR STUDENTS(February 2023 study block)


*** Follow all instructions below carefully, include all sections listed here and include all keywords highlighted in bold font ***


In the Arden Assessment cover page, under the Assessment Title, students should indicate that this is Video/ Case study Analysis Report. Marking is meant to be anonymous so please only include your student number on the cover page and not your name.

NOTE: This assignment must be written in the third person. Avoid using the first-person expression such as; ‘I’ (except for the reflective account in Task TWO). This is because pronouns should be generally avoided in academic writing i.e., avoid the use of “I, Me, We, Us”. Also pay attention to requirements to discuss certain terminologies related to SPEII as well as general keywords.


Students are expected to add a table of contents showing what is covered and page numbers.

INTRODUCTION (include only one introduction for all answers)

This should explain what the assignment is about and mention the main concepts discussed within the body of the assignment. This part should use up not more than 5% of the total word count. The introduction could include definitions of keywords/concepts relevant to the assignment as well as citations/references. (100-150 words).

BODY (includes answers to ALL aspects of Task /question)


Video/ Case study Analysis Report:


From the list provided, select one short documentary, and analyse the communication and collaboration involved and the importance of interprofessional collaboration in tackling the discussed issue.

Each video demonstrates one or more major concepts discussed in this module. You must link as many concepts from the lessons as possible to scenes from the videos.

Choose from the list of videos provided.












Assignment unpacking.

In your assignment, explain briefly what your chosen video is about.


Explain the terms: communication, multi-professional, multi-disciplinary team working, and collaboration.


Identify and explain the different styles of communication, modules, and theories of communication in the film you chose. 2 theories for a (pass), 3 theories for more (high marks).


What was the impact of the communication style, was it negative or positive?


Discuss the impact of the communication style on the professional work environment when working with a multidisciplinary team. For higher marks, discuss the role of ethics in interprofessional practice.


for (higher marks)


Explore conflict management and the theories of conflict management. Discuss managing conflicts in professional settings. For a pass, discuss at least 2 conflict management theories and for higher Marks discuss at least 3 conflict management theories and their uses in resolving issues during team negotiations.


Discuss the difference between cross-cultural communication and intercultural communication. For higher marks appraise and apply the exploratory model in intercultural communication and the five dimensions model.




NOTE In your answer try and use definitions from credible and reliable academic sources.


A conclusion to wrap up the whole assignment should be given. The conclusion should summarise very briefly the main considerations covered across all of your answers. Think about future actions to solve or improve issues or problems presented in the report. (100-150 words)


Students must use the AU Harvard Referencing method in this report.

APPENDICES (if needed):

Students may place any supplementary information here. This could be a table of data, copies of observation forms or notes, extracts from large documents, etc.

(Total marks, 100)

(Total words, 2000)

(LOs 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 )



This assessment must follow the conventions of academic writing and be written in an essay format. Refer to AU study guides for support on essay writing.

General guidance is to refrain from the use of sub-headings, bulleted or numbered lists, or the inclusion of any tables or charts.

Paragraphs should be used to move the discussion forward and the Video/ Case study Analysis Report structure should include an introduction, main, body, and conclusion.

Students are encouraged to conduct a wide range of reading and to use appropriate references in the Harvard format. Again, AU study guides can be used to support this. It is also good practice to use a range of sources to quote or cite, such as reputable websites, books, and journal articles.

Appropriate use of spelling, punctuation, and grammar is required.


Study Skills tips for success

Self-evaluation questions

How do I know I am ready to submit?

I have:

Self-check list to review before assignment submission

Have I covered the main points in all questions in sufficient depth?).

Addressed all elements of the questions and opportunities to link my discussion to the wider literature.

Checked my work to ensure points raised are relevant to the questions asked, contexts provided, and expectations set

Structured my discussion well and ensured not to jump from one idea to another. I know this because I made good use of connectives to link the ideas discussed.

Made sure not to include too many points or arguments that are irrelevant.

Is my writing analytical in style and questioning in approach?

Applied all concepts discussed to a case study and/or Health and Social Care practice, in general, and reached a well-reasoned conclusion.

paid specific attention to the relevant keyword (s) guiding the assignment question or task.

Ensured the requirement for the key word has been fully addressed in my assignment.

Made sure to not just describe what I have read/done and considered the value/significance of the information I included in my discussion.

Have I developed and sustained a clear argument throughout my work and supported it with relevant examples?

Checked that my supporting arguments flowed in a clear and coherent way.

Checked to see if effective paragraphing has been used to organise my arguments and discussion in a logical sequence for my audience.

Ensured that use of jargons is kept to a minimum and where used, I have defined or explained the meaning

Have I referenced all sources used, in the main body and in the reference list?

Used Harvard referencing clearly and accurately throughout my work.

Used my own words (in paraphrasing information) as much as possible and where text or information is (quoted) it is presented in quotation marks and clearly referenced following the Arden approach to Harvard.

Uploaded a draft copy of my work on Turnitin to review its similarity score, and work on parts of the work showing a high similarity before submission.

Checked to see all references used in-text have been added in my reference list.

Arranged my reference list alphabetically and checked to see the right assignment is been submitted on iLearn

Additional skills related comments –You should demonstrate a high level of organisation by applying a good sequence to your work. This includes checking to ensure your coursework is presented well, using the right spacing, font type, size and cover sheet for your programme. A font type of Arial or Times NewRoman 11-14 is desirable; with the assignment spaced 1.5 centimetre and the sides justified.

Quick guide to Harvard referencing: