Greg is the owner of Supa-Kart

Greg is the owner of Supa-Kart Racing Pty Ltd. He has just built a large, state-of-the-art go-kart racetrack. Every month, Greg organizes a race for local youths where entrants race off against one another. Each team pays a registration fee of $100 and must supply a driver and pit crew. Greg supplies the go-karts. The race runs forfour hours, with each team having a maximum offour drivers, with each driver changing every hour. The meeting usually take place on the last Friday of every month andmany spectators often come to watch.

Go-kart engines typicallyrun on petroleum fuel or methanol.Given the rising cost of petrol, Greg is finding it hard to keep his current price structure using petrol. Greg’s friend, Marcus,has recently completed hisMasters degree inEngineering. Marcus has recently developed a new type of fuel that is much more efficient and adds extra power to engines. It is called Rocket Fuel. Rocket Fuel is yet to be approved by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and is more combustible, flammable, and heats up engines quickly.Generally, engines require bigger radiators to keep them cool and overheating if they use Rocket Fuel.Gregdecides to useRocket Fuel in his go-karts but considers it unnecessary to install bigger radiators in the engines as it might slow the karts down.

On race day, Gregengages three bodyguards, Michael,Francoand Bruno, to take care of the crowd and ensure their safety. Greg is responsible for overseeing that the bodyguards carry out their duties effectively and requires them to wear his uniform and use his equipment.They are paidby Greg on an hourly basis,with deduction of income tax.

Barriers are installed on most parts of the racetrack, except for one section on the far side of Greg’s property. Greg had ordered less than he expected he would need when he was building the track and hasn’t installed a barrier there yet.Race day was an extremely hot and dry summer’s day. The team in second place, driven by Jed, is racing very well and Jed is pushing his kart very hard. His engine is running extremely hot.Jed attempts to overtake another kart. Ashe approaches a corner and accelerates hard,suddenly his engine explodes and catches fire. Jed’s cart spins out of control and slides off the track, where there is no barrier, and hits a tall jarrah tree. Meanwhile,Michael runs onto the track waving his arms, to stop the other go-karts. Michael is hit by one of the karts. He suffers significant injuries and requires his leg to be amputated.

Advise Jed of any claims he may have against Greg. Also advise Michael of any claims he may have againstGreg.


This assignment is 1200 – 1500 words long. Extra words will not be marked.

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Marking criteria
Identifying relevant legal issues 6
Explaining relevant case law and legislation 8
Clearly applying the case law principles and legislation to your facts 8
Appropriate use of sentences, headings, paragraphs and grammar 5
Referencing your sources  


Using IRAC approach

  • I :Identify legal issue–that means isolating the legal issue (without any facts), and
  • R:Relevant law(cases and legislation) –next, discussing the case law and or legislation that tells us about the relevant topic of law (not discussing any of the facts yet)
  • A:Apply law(to the facts) –now its time to discuss how the cases and legislation can be applied to the facts; no new cases or legislation are mentioned at this stage
  • C:Conclude (on the factual issue) –conclude on the question asked with reference to the facts; no new cases or legislation are mentioned at this stage



AGLC4 reference style and please use below related cases for references



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