Governments establish public policy in three steps

  1. Identifying a problem, publicizing a plan, and implementing policy.
  2. Identifying a problem, developing a plan, and referring it to Congress.
  3. Identifying a problem, referring it to Congress, and developing a plan.
  4. Identifying a problem, developing a plan, and implementing policy.

Answer: – The three steps governments follow to create public policy are 4.

Rendering to the specified question, there are requested to state the three phases governments follow to produce public policy and how they are vital to making these public policies effective.

Consequently, when a government wants to produce a public policy, this is for the improvement of the citizens and would have to deal with sets. With this in mind, the problem has to be recognized, a plan made, and then the policy executed. Public policy refers to laws, controlling measures, rules, and funding imports known by directions or their councils to fulfil public interest goals. From their inception to evaluation, public policy evolves through an iterative process.