CareShield Life is a long-term care insurance scheme that provides basic financial support should Singaporeans become severely disabled, especially during old age, and need personal and medical care for a prolonged duration.

From 1 October 2020, all Singaporeans who were born in 1980 or later shall be automatically covered. For the older Singaporeans, participation is optional.

Your good friend Mr. A has just celebrated his 50’h birthday in October this year. He is healthy and is free from chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. He is married with 2 teenagers. His wife is a full-time homemaker. The family lives in a condominium in Choa Chu Kang.

Mr. A’s dad had passed away quite suddenly last year due to a massive stroke at age 78. His 75-year-old mum is a cancer survivor and is leading an active life participating in many volunteer activities.

Mr. A knows that you are training as a gerontologist and would like your opinion on whether he should opt-out of CareShield Life. After all, he is currently covered with ElderShield 400, and he thinks his Medisave, MediShield Life as well as his additional hospitalization insurance plan is enough to pay for the hefty hospital bills in case of catastrophic medical illness.