Singapore as a destination has drawn the attention of many businessmen and investors from overseas based on its tremendous and continuous growth record as well as economic success. Mrs. Rao, who is one such foreign investor, came across various media reports since the beginning of the year that an increasing number of foreigners have already invested or are showing keen interest in the Singapore real estate sector mainly for growth potential, ‘safety’ purposes and/or for diversification from their home country.

This is in spite of the harsh economic downturn and setbacks due to the uncertainties caused by the recent onset of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide.

As an ultra-high net worth individual (UHNWI) investor herself with an equivalent of at least SGD 800 million in net investible assets, Mrs. Rao has now decided to allocate SGD 16 million in cash to invest in Singapore real estate sector.

However, she is clueless as to the wide range of choices available in the property sector and related real estate investment opportunities here.

As part of your learning journey in taking up this course thus far, you have covered various topics which are directly relevant for Mrs. Rao in her deliberations. Therefore, your role here is to advise her on what and how to invest the funds being set aside by her.