Fundamentals of Educational Research

EDU671: Fundamentals of Educational Research (Assignment 2)

Informed Consent Form

Complete the submit the form to Waypoint for grading.

All students, regardless of program (MAED or MATLT) will align with one of three categories to plan and/or conduct their action research study. The only difference is that MAED students will apply their intervention in the next course: EDU675. Consider the following categories and determine which most accurately represents your current situation as well as the situation you will be in as you begin EDU675 immediately following successful completion of EDU671:

Are you currently employed in a classroom setting?

Are you currently employed in a non-classroom setting:

Are you currently not employed but could implement one strategy with family members or individual’s children OR change a personal practice or approach to a situation / need / problem?

MAED students in all three categories must provide verification of approval by submitting the Informed Consent Form with “LIVE” signatures, it must be an actual signature not a typed in name. Those in the third category if the intervention/innovation involves the student’s own child, then the student-researcher will sign the informed consent form as both the parent and the researcher. The completed form will state their intent to participate in a single intervention or innovation lasting approximately three weeks in a specified setting with a specified group of student or adult participants.

MATLT students must submit the form and clearly mark at the bottom why a signature is not required and describe their proposed study.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.