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0 Due February 22 at 11:59 PM 0 Starts Feb 13, 2023 12:01 AM 1. Make sure your cover page follows APA 7 formatting guidelines. You can find instructions here if you’re unsure how to make one APA Sam* Paper / Purdue Writing Lab (on your cover page, include your student ID number) 2. Follow APA 7 Formatting for your written assignment; if unsure how to do so, visit the Purdue Writing Lab link. 3. Students will be required to create a reference page citing all sources of their materials 3 nd information. Please visit the Purcue Writing Lab for excellent guidance if you are unsure.

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4. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE CHECKED FOR SIMILARITY 5. EXTENSIONS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED (UNLESS OTHERWISE APPROVED BY THE COLLEGE) • •. Your written assignment/Powerpoint cover page or reference page) 7 „Jplod your written assignrnent.,(n Word o google Docs, gqo Slides,, or PowerPoint 4:03 M. 0 -7’C Cbudy (1:0, ,e;;,r; z’18/202

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