The objective of this Assignment:

This assignment focuses on learning how to effectively communicate in a digital world; by exploring the challenges of using technology to communicate and the impact on interpersonal relations.

Assignment Tasks:

For this assignment, you will put yourself in the role of an Interpersonal Relations Consultant who has been asked to make a presentation to a local public relations firm on the topic of Interpersonal Communication in a Digital World.

Your presentation can be in one of these formats:

Written Report with the cover page: 2-3 pages long (minimum of 2, maximum of 3 – not including cover page), double-spaced, 11 pt Calibri font, OR

PowerPoint Presentation: 10-15 slides (10 minimum, 15 maximum), professional in appearance, clear headers, including a title slide and closing slide, concise bullets with 3-5 bullets per page, graphics to support your points, OR

Short Video: 3-5 minutes, accompanied by a typed script.

All options must include references where applicable (you can add the references for the video in the typed script).

Please do not complete all three options. You are to choose only one.

The presentation should focus on barriers to effective communication in a digital world and answer these questions:

What types of digital communication are used in today’s workplace?

What are some of the impacts of using these technologies on your interpersonal relations (i.e. listening skills, non-verbal cues, conveying a message etc.)?

Explain why you chose the format (i.e., report, PowerPoint or video) for your presentation. Did you feel it reduced some of the barriers to more successful communication and why?