Upon successful completion of the module you will be able to:

Identify, plan, design and conduct an individual project, underpinned by independent research, directly relevant to the programme of study.
Collect, analyse, interpret and evaluate data and information generated by the research activity
Communicate findings which meets academic standards at degree level and professional standards of presentation

Assignment Description

Students must demonstrate the understanding and knowledge gained from their programme of study and how this can be applied in a practical or theoretical way in a particular setting or context. The two possible routes are:
1. Dissertation
2. Business Consultancy Project

The Dissertation is the write up of an independent piece of research underpinned by existing literature. Expected structure:
• Introduction (rationale and context, aims and objectives)
• Literature review
• Methodology
• Findings
• Analysis & Discussion
• Conclusions

The Business Consultancy report will be based on a review of a business need/requirement, providing proposed solutions. It should be underpinned by theories/concepts and supported by research undertaken by the student. Expected structure:
• Introduction (rationale and context, aims and objectives)
• Business issue analysis (including appropriate concepts and theories and a summary
of the research undertaken)
• Proposed solutions
• Conclusions.