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OPS937 Final assessment – MARS
The video presents a fictitious story of humanity beginning to colonise Mars in the future (2030s).
The colonisation starts with a team of scientists and military staff from IMSF, a public multinational
organisation (like NASA, but international). This is followed by the arrival of Lukrum, a private USbased mining company. Naturally, each organisation has different values and goals. The private
corporation Lukrum Industries’ capitalist mission clashes with the scientists’ more altruistic goals.
And Lukrum have been overusing power supplied by IMSF, against agreement with them.
The video case is situated in 2042, and begins with the Russian scientist Marta, who discovered
evidence of life on Mars, being rescued by Lukrum crew. Marta defied orders and went to get soil
samples from Lukrum’s site, in search of active life forms. During her excursion, a solar flare disrupts
communication and her return is compromised.
After Marta’s return, Cameron, who analyses the samples, finds the same microbial life form in them
as Marta found before. He engages in a romantic relationship with Jen from Lukrum before she goes
back to her work at Lukrum Colony.
The video shows what happens next.
The video features many characters. For the purpose of our case analysis we will be focusing on the
following ones:

Hana Seung, IMSF captain on Mars. Her twin
sister Joon was on her way to join her on Mars
and died of a brain tumour on the way. Hana
has been having a hard time overcoming this
Leslie Richardson – IMSF Secretary General.
Scientist and stayed on Mars in Season 1.
Michael Glenn, IMSF on Mars second-in
command lieutenant (second to Hana)
Kurt Hurrelle, commander of Lukrum MARS

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Amelie Durand: The Physician and Biochemist
Javier Delgado : The Hydrologist and
Geochemist (IMSF)
Amelie Durand and Javier Delgado met on the mission and fell in love. They are currently in a
relationship and expecting a baby girl.
Marta Kamen, IMSF, Russian mission
exobiologist and geologist.
Roland St. John, CEO of Lukrum.

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