Family centric dining culture

Customer preferences

Opportunity for Improvement

Food trust


Display star rating system review so customers can trust the food served is safe,

Create systems to provide consistency of products, choose suppliers looking for food quality (taste, texture, smell),

Have a good cleaning system and cleaning equipment to always provide cleanliness.

Family centric dining culture

Working on the dining out with the young children on parents.

It is about the possibility on larger table with the given table for 6. Hence, there are kids with room for colour and play.

The offering of the highchairs and the booster seats is for the staff to offer the coloured material and the toys too.

It is for the asking of parents with the items that whether they are ok or not.

Handling the employees who are trained over the excellent service of customer.

Creating the systems with the members to access over the food choice that includes the kids.

The comfortable seating is for the people who are holding the special concern on how there are kids and elderly people or the people who are disabled.

Handling the needs of diet too.

Sourcing of ingredients and the preparation of food with the staff briefing too.

Providing allergy matrix with the listing of dishes too.

Working on catering allergies and intolerance in a multi-faceted manner. This includes source of ingredient or the training of staff.

Working on few options with the typical dietary requirements that includes vegan and the vegetarian and gluten.

The managing of expectation of customer or explaining why one cannot fill the requests.


Focusing on the making of machines for the friend.

Meal menu should also be simplified in a proper manner.

Starting the orders with the mobile and creating application for ordering process.

Contactless option of payment.

Organizing the flow properly too.

Global and regional Foods

There are new and the exciting items

Using a proper standard for promoting the ingredients which are branded as well.

Employee involves the experienced executive chefs.

A proper presentation on clear overviewing on the current performance for the system of global food procedures.

Ordering through mobile

Handling the customer orders and paying through app.

Using the contactless payments with allowing people to not carry cash for buying products from you.

Organizing the flow with the endeavouring of workspace and allowing for people to work on side by side without reaching more than the arm length.

Food safety

Understanding over the increased time of product which is for handling the diagnosis and the mitigating of food safety risks.

Handling the AI and big data sets for the foods which can easily be traced through globe.

The system of transport is for moving food products around world.

The understanding of ways to handle transport around world with the articles including the cereal and products of grain too.