Exploring Health Careers Assignment

Exploring Health Careers Assignment – Paper 3 of 4

Exploring Health Careers Assignment – Paper 3 of 4


Learning about possible career paths is an active process. There are hundreds of career options to students obtaining a Health Sciences degree. Observing professionals in their workplace, asking questions about their day to day activities, and learning more about their enjoyment and career satisfaction can help shape your future path.


Option 1: Job Shadow (50/50 points possible): This assignment includes:

Contacting a health professional and requesting a shadowing experience.

Consider shadowing one of our guest speakers.

Attend the workplace and meet with the contact person for 4-6 hours.

Arrive with questions, inquiries, and an eagerness to learn about the profession.

Dress professionally and appropriately for the workplace setting.

Request one of their business cards, with their signature and the date of your visit as documentation of the visit. If they do not have a business card, a paper with their company letterhead will be sufficient. Take a picture of the card/letterhead and insert at the end of your submitted paper.

Follow up with a hand-written thank-you note to the health professional.

Journal your experience

What to turn in: A typed paper documenting

Include who you visited, a brief summary of your day, an interesting story (if appropriate), and the date you mailed the hand written thank you note.

Insert a picture of your signed business card/letterhead into the document

Turn this in on Blackboard in a Word Document format.

1-2 pages in length

APA is not required for this assignment since there are no required references



                Option 2: Online Job Exploration (45/50 points maximum):