Explore the importance of inter-professional working

Briefly, explore the importance of inter-professional working within health and social care settings and through the use of both Gibbs Reflective Model and reference to appropriate theories on teamworking, consider your experience of working in a group to produce the poster presentation in week 10.
Consider what aspects of Team Work went well and what did not go well with this team working task.
Using the Gibbs model of reflection and your new understanding of the theory underpinning teamwork, gained from the foundations of inter-professional practice module, select one positive aspect of your experience of team working OR one negative aspect of teamworking and reflect on why this may have occurred.
Guidance Notes
This coursework is not a description of your inter-professional teamwork. It is a critical reflection of your role within the team. The purpose of the coursework is to help you learn from your experience and use the knowledge gained within the FIP module to develop your team working skills. It also aims to help you to develop the skill of reflective writing which is essential for professional practice.
– In most academic writing there is an expectation that the majority of referenced sources used to support your work will be recent. This usually means within the last 5-10 years.
– The assignment must be word-processed, using a size 12 font (Times New Roman), and be 1.5 spaced with 3cm left and right margins. Pages should be numbered.
The following headings will guide the structure and content of your essay.
Set the Context / Introduction
You should have a brief introduction stating the topic task. You could consider aspects such as; why we need to work in teams, the role of reflection in learning, and how you are going to use the Gibbs reflective module within this assignment to demonstrate your learning.
Description of team work experience (The specific description of the positive or negative event being explored)
Feelings /Evaluation/Analysis /Conclusions Feelings:
How did you feel undertaking the team working experience you are reflecting on (dont spend too long on this aspect. If the analysis is good, later feelings often come out)
Evaluation & Analysis:
Evaluation is the judgements you make in relation to the experience, so state what went well and badly from a team working perspective (in terms of your team working) in relation to the specific experience. Even if it was a positive experience was it all positive, or were there any negative aspects to it?
Analysis involves exploring the evaluation above in an attempt to understand the situation more fully. Within this section try and make sense of why you performed the way you did, what did you do that enhanced your performance? What things impacted on your performance to make a negative experience. Try to explore your actions and role within the team, as this is about you!
Within this section you need to use some team working related literature to support your actions or the conclusions that you arrive at.
This section covers the learning you have identified and the conclusions you have reached as a consequence of this reflection i.e. what have you learned.
Action planning
This section should have a clear link to the analysis/conclusion section. It should contain evidence of reflection by identifying issues for future practice which could be in the practice or academic setting.
How are you going action what you have learnt and written in your conclusions for your next IPE module or episode of group work?
End with a small conclusion tying the whole piece together. This should be a small paragraph only.
My Team Work
The way we did our poster is like we separated the question among us the team (6 of us) and we worked on it individually and gather our information at the end. This was not good because there was no point where we share ideas and comment regarding everyone’s work. We did not meet up regularly, it was not enough. We also had lack of communication so I wasn’t sure what I was doing & how I was supposed to do it. However, I have done my work but it was too much compared to my team members. So I had to eliminate it. Also, i didn’t know when to put my work on the poster as they did not tell me beforehand to finish it and I had a program thinking the sub is the mission we planned is next day. This led to a delay in submitting it the night before the deadline. It puts everyone under pressure and worries. From this experience, I have learned to ask questions when I am not sure, share my ideas and hear others ideas. Teacher’s Advice
You could discuss aspects of less than ideal time management. You will wish to choose a topic that has loads of literature on it, so that you can paraphrase from the textbooks AND the current journal articles, in order to back up what you have to say. This is a reflective essay, so the focus is mainly on you. I think that you said, in your written self-assessment sheet, that you were a little late in submitting your work to the group. This, you wrote, was due to a misunderstanding. This, as we discussed in the class, could be thought of as being due to poor communication. ‘Communication’ and ‘Collaboration’, as we discussed, again in the class, are hugely important within the business of interprofessional education, and Interprofessional working, (within health and social care professional working). Therefore, you need to find the literature that will support what you have to say. Yo