Explain key philosophical, ideological and theoretical concepts

Explain key philosophical, ideological and theoretical concepts, which underpin contemporary social policy and legislation in social work practice (PCF 1; 5)
• Describe organizational structures and cultures, and their relevance to social work practice (PCF 1; 8)
• Recognize principles and features of collaborative working (PCF 1; 7; 8)
• Critically analyze key areas of social policy and legislation which support social work practice (PCF 1; 5; 8)
• Critique the impact of contemporary practice, in terms of contexts and organizations, on those who use services (PCF 3; 4)

The assessment for this module consists of a 3000 word essay, the title of which is as follows:

A critical analysis of the organization and delivery of services to adults, children and families in social work practice.

NOTE: Students who have been assessed by Disability Assist for extra support should inform the Programme Administrator and Module Leader of their specific access requirements as soon as possible to allow time to make reasonable adjustments.