Assessment 1 Instructions:

Brand: Cotton On Australia

Target Country : India

Word Limit : 1500 ( Excluding executive summary, appendix )



HIGH DISTINCTION Excellent evidence is demonstrated



Executive Summary

Summarises the whole report – it is not an introduction. Between 75-150 words (not counted in word count).

Effectively summarises the entire report. Length is as prescribe. It is accurate and thoroughly comprehensive and persuasive. .


Introduction Clearly and concise purpose of the report. Objective clearly identified and strongly justified.


Company Structure,

Capabilities and


Excellent description. It is informative and up-to-date.


Products/ Markets/ Distribution & Supply (consider specific opportunity) Excellent description of the company’s products, markets, distribution and supply context. It is informative and up-to-date. No omissions of key areas. It is concise but complete.



Environment, Industry Situation Relative to

Potential Opportunity

Excellent description of competitive and industry environments. Up-to-date Information about all major competitors is provided. No omissions of key areas.


Synthesis of

Strengths Relative to

Potential Opportunity

Accurately and succinctly covers the SWOT details. Excellent summary of key issues, with a sound rationale for inclusion. Excellent attempt to synthesise and summarise the strengths of the product/ product line, relative to potential opportunities discovered.


Strategic Fit

Evaluation and

Opportunity Identified and Justified

Excellent identification of opportunity that is well argued and succinctly written. Insightful and logical linkages No points are missing or inaccurately categorised.



Clear reiteration of main issues.

Draws appropriate, strong conclusions support of the main issues. The conclusions are accurate, logical, and consistent with the analysis. One strong piece of work.


Report Format – includes referencing, structure, grammar Excellent writing quality, structure, clarity and formatting. Logical structure and a coherent, concise and fluent writing style in marketing-specific, academic language.

Accurate and consistent referencing. No errors.

All sentences are complete and grammatically correct with punctuation correctly applied.


COMMENTS: Please follow the rubric and write accordingly.

Purpose :

Assesses your knowledge of discipline theory, models, concepts, proficiency in their application).

Using a business of your choice, you briefly identify the potential global marketing opportunities available to the business, with respect to one product or product line only.

Select one global marketing opportunity and justify your selection.

You must prepare a written Review Report (approximately 1500 words) excluding any appendices.

If you are in any doubt about whether the business or product you have chosen is appropriate for this assignment, check with your lecturer.


Please use the 3 workbooks shared as the structure to the assessment.