PDR-278381 Event management – finance clearly define the role of the management area state what key strategies are effectively used by this management area to manage an event provide some examples (or case studies) of the management strategies at work apply this management area to the PUB30001 event scenario (the Toyota Cruiser launch), highlighting the key planning activities needed be presented in a professional manner. (Toyota case study – You work as a team leader at an events management company that has been contracted by Toyota. Your team is required to plan and implement the launch event for a new Toyota Hybrid Cruiser designed and built specifically for Australian conditions. The event will have a festival atmosphere, including some VIP and public events, and will be held over the first February weekend in 2016 at Melbourne’s Federation Square. Many dignitaries and VIPs will be in attendance, including the senior management staff from Toyota. The head office in Japan will have in attendance the CEO, CSR Director and Senior Managing Director of Finance, along with their families. The touring party will arrive Thursday evening at 11.45pm and depart Tuesday morning at 2.00am. Your role is to plan, manage, implement and evaluate the festival over this weekend.) Refer to the marking guide on page 3 for more detail on the specific requirements for your briefing document. I sent a document with the marking criteria. All 4 points must get mentioned http://www.24activ.com/tickets/scp/public_attachment.php?id=28a93 2 pages, 4 Harvard