Evaluation of macroeconomic performance

Topic: Evaluation of macroeconomic performance of Australia.
Task details: Students will complete a research-based analysis and evaluation of the macroeconomic performance of Australia and New Zealand for the period 1990 to 2015. The response needs to be developed into a professionally presented report of 2500 words. Students will follow the following procedure:
(1) Obtain data on key macroeconomic indicators: real GDP, Real GDP (PPP), inflation rate, foreign direct investment (FDI) and exports and imports.
(2) Graph and discuss the relationship between Australia’s and New Zealand’s real GDP per capita (PPP) growth rates. In particular, according to the data:
i. Which country’s real GDP per capita is a more stable? ii. Which country recovered faster from the GFC in 2008? iii. Which country has a stronger purchasing power (PPP)?
Discuss the relationship between of Australia’s FDI growth and Real GDP (PPP) growth; Australia’s FDI growth and net exports growth (i.e., % (exports – imports); Australia’s FDI growth and exchange rate growth; and Australia’s FDI growth and inflation rate. Illustrate your discussion with summary statistics and pairwise graphs.
(4) Conduct a multiple regression analysis (in log-linear form) of FDI growth on Real GDP (PPP) growth exchange rate growth; net exports growth and inflation rate. Discuss the impact of each variable on FDI growth.
Discuss the policy implications of your results from (3) — (4)