Ethos & Social Iresponsibility CO.

Fiber:H.41s shouts be d Mout but art even% Ilnwever Wells Fargo & Co is considered to have created objectives that were too difficult and led to bang employees feeling pressured by the quotas and managers pressure to mew. the objectives. The •ssure resulted r employees creating Mew accounts’ that customers never masa for, either to keep then Jobe Of to get flare Hales COMMIRSMIS. This practice resoled A Overdraft MSS for Customers. The government imposed a line of $185 minim’, nod CEO John Slurred isrimd.
Mary Mack. Senior executive vice president of community banking at Web Fargo, vies tasked with coming up yeti a new hoerive system that dent result in unethical or legal activities on the pert of its 100.000 retail-bank employees at some BODO U.S. branches. Meek Said Weals Fargo won’t abandon cross-selling, or efforts to Sell multiple piOducLS to induiduel households, which was seen as contributing to he •nisconduct.
1 If you %sem a manager al Welt; Fargo. would You possum empkwees,
2 Would you f re employees who didn’t meet the difoult codas?
3. As an employee. work you give in to the pressure and use unethical/illegal practices to meet the quotas in Ceder 10 keep your )0b?
4. As an employee. work you use urtethkal prat:Ikea 10 exceed Ina quotas a Order to make mom money’ 5 Would you answers to questions 3 and 4 change it you knew it was common practice of your coworkers to use these techniques ano encourage yo.i to do the same thins? How about d there was peer pressure to also use the tactics?