Ethical Issues in Business

BUS9040M: Decision Analysis for Managers
Assignment 6: Ethical Issues in Business/Management
[Number of words guide: approximately 500 words]
Over the past few decades ethical issues in decision-making has received considerable attention
from scholars and practitioners. Understanding how managers identify and respond to ethical
issues in the decision-making process is generally recognised as paramount for the success of
any organization.
In this assignment you are invited to critically engage with some literature and answer the
questions that follow. The first reading (journal article) looks at ethical challenges facing
managers in multinational companies associated with increasing internationalisation of
business and the process of globalisation. The second reading (book chapter) focuses on issues
of ethics, privacy, security and legality in data acquisition and use.
Reading 1
(details below) is available on blackboard; uploaded alongside Assignment 6
Reading 2 (details below) is available from the module’s Reading list on Blackboard
Reading 1: Richard C. Warren (2011) Are we making progress in international business ethics?
Humanomics, 27 (3), pp. 212-224
Reading 2: Chapter 9: Managing the Ethics, Security, Privacy and Legal Aspects of DataDriven Decision-Making. In: Simone Gressel, David J. Pauleen and Nazim Taskin (2021),
Management Decision-Making, Big Data & Analytics. Sage: London.
1. Informed by your reading of Richard C. Warren (2011) (Reading 1), briefly discuss some
of the ethical issues or challenges that managers confront in today’s increasingly
internationalised and globalised business environment. (250 words)
2. Critically read Chapter 9; Gressel, Pauleen and Taskin, 2021 (Reading 2). Informed by
your reading, reflect on the legislation on data privacy/security in
your country. Do you
think it is appropriate? Why?/Why not? (250 words)
Note: focus on a specific named
country (not a general discussion); the country where you are from is a natural choice!