Essay question
This 1500 word essay will require you to assess the quality of your allocated article. In doing this you will be asked to:
• Briefly summarise the nature, aims and hypothesis/es of the study.
• Summarise the methods used in the study, including participants, materials and basic procedure.
• Detail the main findings of the study and whether the hypothesis was supported.
• Identify potential threats to internal and external validity in the research design.
• In conclusion, propose some suggestions as to how threats to validity could have been resolved so that the research outcomes could have been better applied to the health-related field being discussed in the article.
Your work on this Enquiry will be assessed in a number of ways including:
1. An individual 1,500 word critical appraisal due no later than 9am Monday 18th September 2017 (week 9). This is worth 30% towards your final mark. This item of assessment will be submitted via the Turnitin link in the “Assessments” area on LMS for grading. It will be graded by your facilitator via Grademark and returned to you via the Turnitin link. No hard copies of this work will be accepted or returned to you.
2. The readings, on-line presentations, workshops, and participation in the team components of the enquiry will assist your learning in preparation for the week 9 quiz. Your best two scores combined from the three LMS quizzes is worth 40% of your final subject mark. Students are strongly encouraged to attempt all of the quizzes.
1. Individual 1,500-word essay
This will be assessed by your Workshop Facilitator (or appropriate nominee appointed by the Subject Coordinator).
Topic Critical appraisal of the ONE article related to your Enquiry 1 database search template as listed on page 6 of this guide
Length 1,500 words
Value 30% of the total marks for HLT1RAE
Due date 9am Monday 18th September 2017 (week 9)
Refer to the LMS forum for information on extensions and late submission (and associated penalties).
Return date Within 2-3 weeks of submission via Turnitin
Submission To Turnitin via the LMS site for HLT1RAE. The document you submit to Turnitin
should be a complete submission. NO HARD COPIES of this piece will be accepted and no hard copies will be returned – this mechanism will be fully electronic.
For further clarification of the grading criteria and final mark allocation, refer to the grading and feedback criteria on LMS under “Assessments”.
Throughout this subject (and your Core First year subjects more generally), you must use the APA 6th referencing system. The library reference tool may assist you, and can be located here:
In your final essay you should use additional references to assist you in addressing the essay question where appropriate, even though your chosen article will be your main focus (and must be cited in your reference list). For example, you may need a definition of validity and will need to cite your source for that. Be sure not to use the Enquiry guide as a reference, or rely too heavily on the eResource.
This assessment should be a piece of individual and original work. Naturally, you will discuss this task with other students and your Workshop Facilitator whilst you are in the process of developing an understanding of how you will undertake the activity, but each student is expected to submit an individual essay. Refer to the University
webpage on academic integrity:
The University uses text matching software, Turnitin, to analyse similarity between published material and student assignments. The software also matches to other student assignments. All students are required to submit their individual essay to Turnitin, by the due date, to enable analysis; this piece will not be graded until the Turnitin report is available to Facilitators. Advice on the procedure for Turnitin submission will be provided on the HLT1RAE LMS site. You will have an opportunity to submit drafts to Turnitin to check the similarity index for issues with paraphrasing and citation, and make amendments if required, before finalizing the due date. Workshop Facilitators will provide guidance on this process.
Your work must be submitted to Turnitin via the LMS site for HLT1RAE and under your own access code (otherwise it will be attributed to the person who logged onto the LMS site). You can submit several drafts prior to the due date and time. The report on your first submission will be available almost immediately, but reports on subsequent submissions can take 24 – 48 hours to process. You will be able to check for inappropriate ‘matches’ and then correct these and re-submit your work. Be aware that all Turnitin links in the CFY open ONE WEEK prior to the assessment due date. Therefore, you have time to update your piece of work and amend referencing to reduce the similarity index.
The Turnitin report will also enable your Workshop Facilitator to assess the level