Essay assignment check list


OMED 1375 Essay assignment check list

*** Please note that this is a guide and students should organise their essay in a logical order so that it flows. There may be other questions to guide your course work also so this is not an exhaustive list but is for reference and guidance only.

Remember to use sample essay in Moodle and samples in Week 11 lecture slides.

No images to be included in the essay!!!

Structure Key points to consider:

Introduction (approx. 250 words)

State briefly what you are going to cover in the body of your essay and the way in which you intend to present your information. Your introduction should be a one short paragraph.

The introduction should “set the scene” for your essay so should include the main key areas that you will discuss e.g.:

Health promotion as a concept (general terms)

Behaviour change theory as a concept (general terms)

Your chosen HP strategy

Your chosen theory

What you seek to do e.g. critically analysis, evaluate your strategy in relation to the global health promotion targets

A critical analysis / evaluation of your chosen theory as applied to the strategy, specifically address the social, cultural and ethical appropriateness.

Main body of your essay: Critically examine how theoretical perspectives and policies and or strategies work together and are implemented. Identify which behaviour change and health promotion theories underpin your chosen strategy and explain why you think this is the case. (Critique, not descriptive).

2a. Strategy description and justification (providing context) (200 words):

Introduce your health promotion strategy and include the key aims – what is it seeking to achieve and how?

Use specific examples from the strategy to illustrate what it seeks to do.

Why is your strategy important from a public health perspective?

Who is the target population?

Introduce the underpinning behaviour change theory and provide a brief justification for its application to the strategy.

Does the strategy address social determinants of health?

How does it relate to globalisation? (If applicable)

2b. A critique of global health promotion targets in relation to your chosen strategy (650 words)

Introduce the global health promotion targets and provide some context around them.

Critique your chosen strategy in relation to the global health promotion targets and link with specific examples from the strategy to the health promotion framework. This section needs to be underpinned by wider evidence.

How does the strategy meet the global health promotion targets? You will need to engage fully with the WHO framework and your strategy to make the links.

Does the strategy use a medical model of health or social model of health?


2c. A critical evaluation of the approach to health promotion used for your chosen strategy including the social, cultural and ethical appropriateness of it in this situation (650 words)

What are the limitations of the health promotion activity? What are the limitations of the behaviour change theory (in relation to the topic)?

What ethical approach or philosophy does the strategy take?

Does the strategy address justice and equity? What about autonomy, beneficence and non-maleficence? Remember to prioritize justice / equity as this is linked to learning outcomes.

Does the strategy use a medical model of health or social model of health?

Is it negotiated or authoritative? Is it individual or collective? Here you can consider Beattie’s framework in relation to your strategy.

Consider the wider public health context here e.g. wider determinants of health in your discussion!!!!

Conclusion (250 words)

This section should be a summary of what you have discussed above with a clearly stated conclusion of the considered argument.

No new information should be included in this section.


Have you applied in text citation consistently throughout (all sections)
Have you selected good academic sources (e.g. do not over rely on websites)
Have you included material from the reading list?
Have you included a full reference list Harvard Style?
Final checks Is your work informed by wider reading and evidence throughout?
Have you followed the recommended structure?
If you have included visuals e.g. Beattie’s model, graphs other images – THEN PLEASE REMOVE BEFORE SUBMISSION
Have you proofread your work? Is it neat and tidy?