Environmental Control Practice

  • Your skill in identifying existing and/or potential environmental aspects or sources of environmental pollution, and the corresponding impacts in the industry or operation you have selected. You will also be assessed in your selection or prioritization of important environmental issues.
  • Your skill in identifying control measures to address problems identified above and the basis of your recommended control measures.
  • Your presentation skill should be in the form of a written report.

This course assignment requires students to select an industry and:

  • Identify all environmental aspects or sources of environmental pollution likely to cause significant impacts and prioritize them in the order of importance, stating clearly the process and factors used in their prioritization.
  • Research available pollution control technologies for each of the significant aspects and recommend;
    * New technology to control pollution, minimize impacts, and comply with
    Singapore regulations.
    * A technology to avoid or minimize contribution to climate change.
  • Your recommendations should be specific to the impact and provide detailed
    information and data e.g. regulatory requirements, benefits, and other information to support your proposal.
  • You are also expected to discuss the impact of the control measures you have recommended.