Entrepreneurship and Innovation

ICT302 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Assessment 1 – Case Study Report
Entrepreneurs like other professional must decide whether to take the risks associated with undertaking a
business idea or not to invest time and resources into the notion. While the opportunities might be attractive
there are always huge risks associated with venturing into new territories as an entrepreneur. It is for this
reason entrepreneurs are expected to be creative and agile. This enables them to be innovate and to be able
to design new product solutions to meet the demands of the market. Moreover, entrepreneurs often must
collaborate and engage with others to ensure they are able to take their products to market within a short
There is a need to understand the importance of ethics and how to operate in an ethical and professional
manner. In addition, there are professional standards and codes of practice which guide the behaviour and
mindset of the entrepreneur who must operate within legal and regulatory boundaries. There is a need to
understand and be able to apply design thinking when developing product or service to ensure that it achieves
the needs of the target customer segments. Additionally, there is a need to be able apply different analytical
tools to better understand the different segments (e.g. societal level, industry level and firm level) of the
Timelines and Expectations
Total Percentage Value of Task: 20%
Individual Case Study
Due Week 6 via Turnitin on Moodle
Due date and time19th Feb 2022 at 23:59pm
Minimum of 2000 words
Minimum time expectation:
20 hrs
Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment task:
LO1. discuss various historical and contemporary ethical theories and how these relate to the social,
legal, ethical and organisational issues raised by current practices involving ICT;
LO2. critically evaluate the role of professional standards, codes of conduct and legislative/regulatory
obligations on the level of professionalism of the ICT industry;
LO3. specifically, understand and articulate approaches to currently dominant issues involving ICT,
including privacy; intellectual property, freedom of expression, regulation of cyberspace and equality
of access;
LO4. apply ethical theories and concepts to analyse ICT related ethical dilemmas.

Assessment Details
For this assignment, students are expected to review the case study and the examples provided. After
reviewing the case study and examples, students are to come up with their own start-up business idea
and using their own ideas students are expected to complete a Business Model Canvas of their idea.
Case Study
The pandemic has influenced the business landscape and while it has created a lot of challenges for most
businesses those that have approached the pandemic with agility and an innovative mindset have been able to
capitalise on the opportunities presented by the pandemic. Many industries are thriving during this period and
this includes the likes of companies in the digital space, e-commerce, healthcare, and agriculture to name a
few. Examples of such opportunities and growth are provided in the following section.
Health Care
Hospitals treat more patients during this period and medical staff have had to put in longer work hours.
However, behind the scenes are health equipment suppliers and manufactures who specialise in medical
equipment and technologies during the pandemic across Australia such companies have seen unprecedented
IT for Education
Most education providers have been forced to conduct classes online. This has accelerated the adoption of
online education technology such as Zoom and Google Classroom. There has also been an increase in the
uptake of learning management systems such as Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas. Organisations who offer
such services have continued to innovate during this period and as such they have seen dramatic increases in
Due to the pandemic, there has been increased risks associated with human contact and as such there has
been an increase investment into robotics in the agriculture space. Organisations in this space have benefited
of technologies such as artificial intelligence and drone technology which has been used in fruit picking and
assessing of fruit yield. Organisations in this space have seen huge benefits from their investment in
technology which as had a positive impact on their triple bottom line.
Online Payment Apps
Due to the financial hardship that many individuals have encountered during the pandemic organisations such
as Afterpay and SplitIt have created more cost-effective and credit safe ways for customers to purchase
products without having a detrimental impact on the customers’ budget. These companies have experienced
increased customer uptakes and usage in the market.
Given the examples provided above, students are expected to think of a business idea as a young aspiring
entrepreneur. Following the below assignment structure, you are expected to prepare a brief report
highlighting your business idea in the form of a business model canvas. Students are expected to submit their
report using the structure and Business model canvas template provided
Assignment Cover Sheet
Title Page
Business Model Canvas
The marking rubric is provided below.
Team Report Marking Guide Marks 100
Weighting: 20%
Individual Case Study Report
Assessment Criteria:

Score Very Good Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory (0)
Presentation Information is well Information is Information is somewhat Information is somewhat
/Layout organized, well written, organized, well written, organized, proper organized, but proper
and proper grammar with proper grammar grammar and grammar and
and punctuation are and punctuation. punctuation mostly punctuation not always
used throughout. Correct layout used. used. Correct layout used. Some elements of
/05 marks Correct layout used. used. layout incorrect.
Structure Structure guidelines Structure guidelines Structure guidelines Some elements of
Enhanced followed exactly mostly followed. structure omitted
/05 marks
Introduction Introduces the topic of Introduces the topic of Satisfactorily introduces Introduces the topic of
the report in an the report in an the topic of the report. the report, but omits a
extremely engaging engaging manner which Gives a general general background of
manner which arouses arouses the reader’s background. the topic and/or the
the reader’s interest. interest. Indicates the overall overall “plan” of the
Gives a detailed general Gives some general “plan” of the paper. paper.
background and background and
indicates the overall indicates the overall
/10 marks “plan” of the paper. “plan” of the paper.
Business Model All topics discussed in Consistently detailed Most topics are Inadequate discussion
Canvas depth. Displays deep discussion. Displays adequately discussed. of issues Little/no
analysis of issues with sound understanding Displays some demonstrated
no irrelevant info. with some analysis of understanding and understanding or
issues and no irrelevant analysis of issues. analysis of most issues
Information and/or some irrelevant
/60 marks information.
Conclusion An interesting, well A good summary of the Satisfactory summary of Poor/no summary of the
written summary of the main points. the main points. main points.
main points. A good final comment A final comment on the A poor final comment on
An excellent final on the subject, based subject, but introduced the subject and/or new
comment on the on the information new material. material introduced.
subject, based on the provided.
/10 marks information provided.
Referencing Correct referencing Mostly correct Mostly correct Not all material correctly
(APA Style). All quoted referencing (APA Style). All referencing (APA Style) acknowledged.
material in quotes and quoted material in Some problems with Some problems with the
acknowledged. All Quotes & acknowledged. quoted material and reference list.
paraphrased material All paraphrased material paraphrased material
acknowledged. acknowledged. Some problems with the
Correctly set out Mostly correct setting reference list.
/10 marks reference list. out reference list.
Subtotal-/100 marks
Total out of 20

1. This is an individual assignment, and it would require students to write around 2000 words.
2. The report should be well researched and written in accordance with APA referencing style.
3. This unit requires you to use APA system of referencing. See Sydney International’s quick reference
guide. It should be used in conjunction with the online tool Academic Writer:
4. A passing grade will be awarded to assignments adequately addressing all assessment criteria. Higher
grades require better quality and more effort. For example, a minimum is set on the wider reading
required. A student reading vastly more than this minimum will be better prepared to discuss the issues
in depth and consequently their essay is likely to be of a higher quality. So before submitting, please
read through the assessment criteria very carefully.
5. Students are expected to manage their time effectively when undertaking this assessment to ensure
that the assessment is submitted on time by the due date and time.
6. If students are unable to submit their assessment on time, they must communicate this information
to their lecturer and fill out a special consideration form which needs to be approved.
7. There is no guarantee that special consideration will be approved as there are specific grounds for
applying for special consideration such as being sick and unable to undertake duties associated with
the assessment.
Submit to the drop box on Moodle.
Marking Criteria / Rubric
Refer to the attached marking guide.
Feedback will be supplied through Moodle.
Authoritative results will be published on Moodle.
Academic Misconduct
To submit your assessment task, you must indicate that you have read and understood, and comply
with, the Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce Academic Integrity and Student
Plagiarism policies and procedures.
You must also agree that your work has not been outsourced and is entirely your own except where
work quoted is duly acknowledged. Additionally, you must agree that your work has not been
submitted for assessment in any other course or program.