Employee Learning and Development

Employee Learning and Development (HRES2401) – Jeff Kawalilak
HRES2401 – Employee Learning and Development
Program Design Project – Part I
Assignment Weighting: 20%
Assignment Overview
*This project is Part I of a two-part project. This project provides students with an opportunity to apply
technical principles of program design related to real-world scenarios.
*Your textbook should be your primary resource for this project.
*Assignment should be a MAXIMUM of 1000 – 1250 words double-spaced (4 – 5 pages) of content
NOT including the title page and reference page.

Employee Learning and Development (HRES2401) – Jeff Kawalilak
HRES2401 – Employee Learning and Development
Academic Honesty
Ensure you are aware of Academic Honesty and Plagiarism. Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism are
taken seriously at the college even if the dishonesty or plagiarism is unintentional.
Please also know
that taking credit for work you did not contribute to is also considered Academic Dishonesty. Bow Valley
College is committed to fostering an environment of academic honesty and adopts the American
Psychological Association (APA) style guide 7
th ed. as a standardized format for formatting assignments
and use of research (e.g.,
in-text citations when using resources and a reference page for listing all
resources used).
For general guidelines of APA formatting (e.g., spacing, font size, title page, etc.) please use
https://apastyle.apa.org/about-apa-style and follow the Style and Grammar guidelines top on the top
This is NOT a research project. The only section of the assignment that requires research
is the introduction. All other sections should contain NO research as I am looking for your
own original insight as it relates to the application of concepts we’ve covered in class.
Your TEXTBOOK should be your PRIMARY resource with this project.
NO marks will be awarded for definitions or chapter summaries.
Any research used must be RELEVANT to the assignment topic and scenario. For
example, the assignment scenario addresses employee wellness, so do NOT include a
resource on the education system or employment rates in Bangladesh, or Polar Bears in
Any non-relevant research sources that are used will be considered a breach of
the college academic honesty and integrity policy and the assignment will receive a
ZERO grade.
Any resource that is used must be ACCESSIBLE for instructor review. This means the full
must be available to the instructor when reviewing the sources provided on
your reference page.
Students must illustrate that they have extracted meaningful
information from the sources used and did NOT simply draw from an article introduction
or abstract. Use of sources that are not
relevant or where the full document cannot be
accessed and reviewed (e.g., professional journals, paid subscriptions, restricted access to
article abstract, etc.) will result in an automatic ZERO grade and will be subject to the
college’s formal academic dishonesty process.

Employee Learning and Development (HRES2401) – Jeff Kawalilak
HRES2401 – Employee Learning and Development
Imagine you are a Training and Development Consultant who has been asked to meet with a client
about designing a training program for their employees
. Your client has already identified a specific
training need within their organization they feel needs to be addressed. Your job is to create a
professional, quality training program by addressing the key components of program design and
development covered in our course.
Workplace Scenario:
*Students are required to build a training program that addresses the following scenario.
Public Speaking:
In today’s work environment, there is greater pressure from leadership on employees to possess
strong public speaking skills. Organizations expect employees not only to be strong public
speakers and present well, but to also be able to develop engaging, meaningful, and creative
presentations. Imagine you work within a team of Employee Development Professionals who
have been tasked by upper management to design a training program for employees within your
organization that addresses this specific topic, as management has identified effective public
speaking as an urgent training need. Your job is to create a professional, quality training program
by addressing the key components of program design and development.
Program Design – Written Assignment
Introduction (10 marks)
*Note: This section will require you to do some research on your topic in order to develop meaningful,
in-depth knowledge of the subject matter
. A MINIMUM of THREE sources is required. DO NOT use
Wikipedia as this is not a credible source. All sources used must be relevant and fully accessible for
review by the instructor.
Based on your scenario, identify and explain your program topic. What is the significance of your topic?
Describe your workplace scenario and the events that led to the organization/ department asking you as
an employee development specialist for help. Specifically, what are some of the challenge’s
organizations are facing around this topic?
(Here, you can make some of your own assumptions. Be
creative and add details to your scenario).
Discuss WHY training is the answer in this situation AND how
training in this area will support organizational goals. Be specific in your description.

Employee Learning and Development (HRES2401) – Jeff Kawalilak
HRES2401 – Employee Learning and Development
Needs Analysis (15 marks)
(Refer to chapter 2)
AFTER Meeting with the Client
*When answering each question, you will need to make some of your own assumptions and be creative.
IMAGINE you have already had an in-depth meeting with the client (*based on the above scenario) and
create your client’s potential answers to the following questions you would have asked during your
What change is needed (what is the training request)?
What is the urgency level of the training?
What is the GAP between the current and desired situation?
What are all the possible causes for the GAP between the current and desired situation? (*Really
explore this).
Which stakeholders would you involve? WHY do you feel these specific stakeholders should be
Who will the participants (learners) of the training be?
Data collection methods: how will you collect your data? In other words, what methods will you
use to obtain the information you require to design an effective training program around your
topic (e.g., one-on-one interviews, focus groups, survey, etc.)?
For each method you choose,
explain WHY you feel it would be effective for collecting information around your specific training
*Remember, some methods are more effective for certain training topics than others as
some subject matter is more sensitive than others. Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing
your methods.
Learning Objectives (10 marks)
(Refer to chapter 3)
Develop TWO learning objectives based on your needs analysis and apply Bloom’s Taxonomy.
For each objective, explain why you feel it is essential for your training program. Explain why you
chose the specific verb and learning level in each objective as per Bloom’s Taxonomy. Be sure to
layer your objectives from lower-level to higher-level learning and explain the reasons for putting
them in the order you have chosen
(note: remember – trainers should always meet the learners
where “they” are at).

Employee Learning and Development (HRES2401) – Jeff Kawalilak
HRES2401 – Employee Learning and Development
Delivery Method (10 marks)
(Refer to chapter 4)
Key questions: explain how you would choose the proper delivery method for your training
program by addressing key questions in Chapter 4 of our course textbook. Which questions
would you need to address and why? Provide a thorough response for each.
Delivery method: choose the delivery method you will use for your training program
(synchronous, asynchronous, OR blended delivery) along with the specific delivery options
within the delivery method you choose. Explain WHY your team feels this method is the best
choice for delivering your
specific training topic. Briefly explain why you believe these methods
support a
learner-centered approach?
Organized/Structured (2 marks)
1. Assignment should be a MAXIMUM of 1000 – 1250 words double-spaced (4 – 5 pages) of
content, NOT including the title page and reference page (if relevant).
2. Follow the assignment structure template provided in the dropbox in D2L as it illustrates the
specific structure you are to use when setting up your assignment (e.g., title page, use of proper
headings and subheadings.).
3. Content should be written using full sentence and paragraph format.
APA Formatting & Use of Research (5 marks)
1. Assignment format must follow APA 7th ed guidelines – https://apastyle.apa.org/.
2. All research must be supported with
in-text citations along with a list of sources at the end on a
reference page using APA formatting –
. Any research that is used and is not supported with in-text citations AND a
reference page will result in an
automatic zero grade on the assignment and will be considered a
form of academic dishonesty.
3. A zero grade will be given for work that is copied, plagiarized, or illustrates academic dishonesty
of any kind, and further disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the academic policy.
Spelling and Grammar (3 marks)
Proofread for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure (English language usage).