Education in Health Professional Practice Case Study

According to Bastable (2017), 55% of adults learn new information better in the morning and 28% in the evening; this is due to an adult’s energy levels decreasing later in the day. The appropriate time of day to teach this particular patient/student may be in the morning and possibly early afternoon, but it is also applicable to collaborate with the student as to which time is best suited for them.

A quiet environment that is separate from busy and active areas is a more conducive venue for patient education. This type of environment can offer greater satisfaction and quality of education compared with a busy and/or loud environment such as a hospital ward (Kääriäinen & Kyngäs, 2010). Therefore, this student may require a private venue or room to facilitate discussion about the condition of asthma and Ventolin inhaler use.

Aspects of the venue set up that need to be considered are lighting quality, electrical outlets for A/V, laptop/computer, speakers and other electronic appliances, tables, and seats available, availability of bathroom and refreshment facilities, size of the room and accessibility for the patient/student, as well as parking availability or convenient location from public transport.

Correctly discuss the simplified pathophysiology and treatment of asthma by using a concept map within a 15-minute timeframe.
Accurately describe the importance of salbutamol administration via a short narrative within a 10-minute timeframe.
Demonstrate how to effectively use a Ventolin inhaler (placebo inhaler) within a simulated setting, in accordance with the provided step-by-step instructions.