Learning Outcomes:-

  • Differentiate micro and macroeconomics and identify various micro and macroeconomic concepts.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of the supply, demand, and market equilibrium.
  • Analyze economic inputs and outputs and their impacts.
  • Evaluate national and global economic indicators and their impact.


You are employed as a Business Development Executive with Spunket Technology Pte Ltd. Spunket Technology Pre Ltd provides software solutions and hardware equipment to customers both business to business segments and business to customer segments.

You have been assigned by your Director to undertake research for a new project launch and require you to analyze and evaluate the current economic relating to the new product launch in Singapore. Upon completion of the project, you are to prepare and submit a report to covers the following areas.


  • Identify and explain various micro and macroeconomic concepts related to
    Information Technology. Discuss the relevant frameworks use to measure the outcomes.
  • Considering the industry and the economic conditions in Singapore, critically
    discuss the concepts of supply, demand, and market equilibrium.
  • Analyze how the circular flow of income operates referring to the injection and
    withdrawals and physical and monetary flows.
  • Considering the current economic situation globally and in Singapore, critically evaluate FOUR economic indicators and their impact on Singapore’s economy.