• Considering the topic of leadership OR collaboration, AND the particular type of ‘targeted’ service for children, young people, or parents/careers:

Critically discuss the challenges and opportunities relating to leadership or collaboration in “targeted” Children’s Services.
Identity and critically justify what makes collaboration with children, young people, or families “successful”.
What factors are linked to ‘better professional leadership or collaboration and why?
* Critically discuss how one ‘learns’ to be a better leader or collaborator in Children’s Services.

  • The most important part of the assignment: The role of Politics and Policy in services for children and families

* It is important to be critical of the government’s policies and programs/guidance. Do their claims work? Are people benefitting from it? What are the challenges and setbacks from these policies/guidance? Remember to back up with evidence.
* The focus will generally be on ‘targeted’ services, as opposed to universal or specialist

  • As a leader, it is important to consult with our staff before making decisions. You don’t have to follow their suggestion at all times but it is important to consider their feedback and make decisions from it. Ultimately, the decision is up to the leadership team.