1. Write a brief account of how the life and work of Dr. Montessori influenced you.
  2. What was the first thing that Dr. Montessori requires of a Montessori Directress?
  3. Give 3 Philosophers that influenced Maria Montessori’s work in a big way.
  4. Explain the “Planes of Development “ and briefly describe who they refer to and what is going on at each stage.
  5. Explain the 3-period lesson with an example from Sensorial Curriculum
  6. What is meant by “prepared environment “?
  7. Why must a guide make the environment a priority?
  8. Dr. Montessori asks us to ‘Follow the child”. What did she mean by this and explain how this will influence your work with children
  9. Explain in detail why Observation is very important in Montessori
  10. Define the Absorbent mind and how it works in 0-3 and 3-6 sub-planes
  11. Explain what Dr. Montessori says about liberty and discipline in Chapter 12 of The Montessori Method.