BFN e-Portfolio

What is an e-Portfolio?

Creating a professional portfolio can be especially useful for when you are applying for jobs. Your professional portfolio is a collection of examples that showcase your experiences, capabilities, and potential for employment opportunities.

Why do you need an e-Portfolio?

Your portfolio needs to contain written and visual examples of projects and important pieces of work that you’ve created, managed, or have been involved with. It should also include an insight into the skills you have and the impact of your work, along with any important outcomes or lessons you’ve learned. From an employer’s point of view, a well-done portfolio can indicate that you are proactive in terms of your own development.

How will you create your e-Portfolio?

During your time as a student in the BFN program, you will complete one to two tasks related to developing an online vegetarian catering business, which will constitute part of your business plan. The purpose of this portfolio is to consider various aspects of small business activities, thereby demonstrating the application of knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired in each of your courses throughout the program.

What goes into your BFN e-Portfolio?

Your portfolio will contain work from each of your courses that provides proof of your skills and mastery of course concepts.

e-Portfolio Examples