Learning Outcomes:-

  • Analyze and classify an organization’s current e-business strategy, identifying its strengths and weaknesses relative to those of its direct competitors.
  • Choose effective e-business strategies for the delivery of products and services to increase market share and sustainability.
  • Compile and elaborate understanding of concepts, theories, frameworks and
    principles for e-commerce and e-business and their competent use.


  • An analysis of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the adoption and utilization of digital technologies in the industry of your selected organization.
  • An evaluation of how your selected organization has managed to cope, adapt or survive during the pandemic. What are the implications for the organization operating in this industry, for instance, on their supply chain, eCRM, reintermediation or disintermediation strategies, etc.?
  • A discussion and recommendation on how the use of social media or social commerce can assist your chosen organization in addressing issues such as customer behavior, post-covid-19.