Topic selection/ research aim and objectives (Mark Weighting = 10%)

Did the dissertation demonstrate clarity in the research aim and explanation of topic under investigation? Was the dissertation clear and consistent in the aim and objectives being addressed throughout? Was the aim innovative/ important/ relevant?

Literature Review (Mark Weighting = 30%)

Did the dissertation establish an appropriate framework of literature to provide an academic basis to the empirical investigation? In particular, was there a comprehensive, masterly and critical investigation of the relevant literature and/or bodies of knowledge?

Methodology and Method (Mark Weighting = 20%)

Was there an appropriate acknowledgement of methodological underpinnings/ ontological position (ontological and epistemological) and selection and application of research methods appropriate to that a) methodology/ ontological position and b) the aim?

4. Presentation and analysis of empirical results (Mark Weighting = 10%)

Did the dissertation include an appropriate and considered presentation and analysis of empirical results?

5. Discussion (Mark Weighting = 20%)

Did the dissertation critically relate the empirical results and the literature discussed in the literature review?

Conclusions and Reflection (Mark Weighting = 10%)

Did the dissertation address/ answer the aim and objectives in a way that contributed new knowledge? Did the student adequately engage in critical reflection? If appropriate for the dissertation, did the student consider recommendations based upon findings?