Diploma in Health and Social Care

Unit 8 – Promote Health, Safety, and Well-being in Care Settings

L.O 1 – Understand your own responsibilities and the responsibilities of others relating to health and safety

Explain the main points of the health and safety policies and procedures that you and your employer agreed.

Protecting employees from risk while at work is one of the key goals of the health and safety policies and procedures established with the employer. They must be safeguarded against any health risks associated with their employment as well as physical injury.

Health and safety policies and procedures should be reviewed frequently to ensure they are up to date and effective in safeguarding employees. Any changes to the workplace or to the work processes should be taken into account when evaluating these rules and procedures.

Workers should be provided by adequate training on how to accomplish tasks at work safely and should be aware of the health and safety policies and procedures that apply to them. It’s crucial for employees to disclose any potential health or safety risks that might exist at work. Employers need to be conscious of these dangers and take precautions to minimize or eliminate them. Additionally, employers must make sure that all staff members are abiding by the established rules and regulations and take appropriate corrective action.