you learned about many different theories for why employees are motivated to perform well. Even though none of the theories has been completely supported, each has something to offer. For this weeks assignment address the following:

Describe a job (or a class) you have had in which you were very motivated to perform well. Why do you think you were motivated? (Based on the motivational theories you have read about this week)

Now describe a job (or a class) in which you were not motivated to perform well. Why? (Again, basing your answer on the motivational theories you have read about this week)

Now based of the various theories you have read, in addition to your experiences, design your own theory of job motivation and satisfaction. Feel free to borrow as much as you want from each of the theories discussed in your text (make sure you cite and support all information shared)

The assignment must be written in APA formatted Word Document with Running head, header, page numbers, Times New Roman 12 pt font, double spaced and indented paragraphs, and Reference page with APA references.

Here is anexample of EXACTLY how to set up your assignment in APA format: IOP Week 2 Assignment APA template.docx

The assignment is due by Sunday evening at 11:59 PM EST.

Thoroughly and substantively completed all assignment requirements: 50
References and citations to course material: 20
Spelling/Grammar at college level: 10
Quality/Content of APA: 20
TOTAL: 100 points

Your paper should be a minimum of 400 words and may be as long as you need it to bePlease submit by clicking on Week 2 Assignment ABOVE in blue and then Browse My Computer to upload your assignment in a Word Document. The assignment is due Sunday.

**Please note: Once an assignment is submitted, this indicates to me that it is yo