4. (product type] sourcing tasks Insert diagram(s) as a GIF/JPEG. No text/words explaining the diagram.
Diagram 1(1a, 1b etc if split) showing all “put away, including inventory update and procedural compliance (e.g. CM)” tasks in the =go SCOR process for the chosen product type, including repeated tasks and those determining/fixing problems. Diagram 1 will include client-specific details on how the tasks are done manually and/or with technology (e.g. ERP, fax, email), what role/position does which tasks, what triggers the tasks (e.g. previous task, always a specific day?). Diagram 1 will not include any interactions with tier 1 suppliers because “put away” tasks occur after that. Include numbered citations to all sources (e.g. owner, research), which can be placed at the end of the Figure caption. Option 1 (and maybe Option 2) requires extrapolation/Inference from research into the client and/or its industry.