6:52 4G EE
below table.
Children are capable and competent. They require the right circumstances that allow them to develop the experience to enhance their abilities, knowledge and skills. As an early childhood teacher, you can seek opportunities through your practice to support children to demonstrate their capability and competency in accordance with their skills and abilities. The Learning Outcomes are: LO 2: Articulate and critique major theories within the context of early childhood education LO 3: Analyse and debate current research and contemporary issues in relation to children aged birth-8 5 years LO 4: Design curriculum responsive to children aged birth -8 5 years and families, informed by EYLFNEYLDF.
LO 5: Formulate teaching practices grounded in reciprocal relationships with children, families, and communities.
• Use ECE6009 Assessment 1_Exercise Template (10).docx.
• Write 500 words demonstrating your understanding of the child as capable and competent. Refer to at least 2 different sources