determinants of demand

1.3 Other determinants of demand
As we have seen, the demand curve highlights the relationship between the quantity ZO.tht:1 tP1:1’ecier;p7i”‘.412«dd.c.7 depend ona.iathd with a panic., time; at a different time dm deamnd curve can be different. For example, if Chelsea fa…. were w reach the fi.1 match of the Champions Wig. it is likely that its supporters would be
willing to buy the tickets cren ff the price arc going np. Thin happcm because many other factors sugh as castes and preferences, ‘unpea ten the quantity demm�ded of goods and/or serviees. end wma and preferences can be influenced by several ekunents like F hion, advenisanent, culture, etc.
The quantity demanded is also influe.ed by other variables such as income the and price of sub,. and complementary goods an, rereices, and the exp.,. of Nthre price changes. Considering the firm vertable mentioned 1..4 a wealthy rm.n will nommlly pay less attan . to price and more anemion to other Wmrs in their buying m the quality, my, durability. fashionability, the. of the goods and …nth that they are buy. (eg. Fish. 19871. The qua, demanded is afro determined by what happens in the markets for sub., and co…., goods. Complementary goods are goods
example petrol and auton.bilth or ma, and postcards. T. goods can be
don, in the quantity demanded of the other. Considering the example
decrease in the demand for ma, but also for greeting cards. Conversely, two goods or rereath Can be considered sub., for each other if an increase in the price for one teeth to greener demand for the mhen For example if the price of pawl and diesel goes up too much, people may

thgum 5 cue, pump¢