• Deloitte has recently published the “2021 Millennial & Gen Z Survey”. The report highlights several of society’s most pressing issues which millennials are increasingly concerned with.
    In response to this, the client has commissioned your agency to help them create a Brand New Online Presence based on the following requirements:
  1. Better appeal to millennials by proposing two CSR1 initiatives/narratives
  2. Improve and humanize the company’s corporate image
  3. Create more opportunities for engagement
  • The proposal must explain how you intend to achieve your client’s requirements. You are required to create a set of Artefacts2 to illustrate the new website and mobile app. This will include details of what key visual elements will look like, samples of content writing, and features to enhance the usability of the target group.
  • Your rationalization must be based on the concepts and good practices of these 7 domains:

● Principles of Design
● Designing for Mobile & Web
● Designing for Usability
● Writing for the Web
● Website Development
● App Development
● Contemporary Trends in Online Design

  • Reference a mixture of good-quality academic and industry sources to support your report. All in-text citations and references must be strictly in the CU-approved APA Style. It is recommended to have a minimum of 10 good quality referencing and appropriate academic sources. Students should avoid sources such as Wikipedia, magazines and personal blogs, etc.