MGT602 Assessment Topics T1 2023
Assessment 1
In this assessment you are to use the decision-making models suggested in the Assessment 1 brief.
You must show written and/or visual evidence of the use of those models in addressing the following
decision-making issue.
Analyse your decision to undertake postgraduate study. You are to utilise the models you
have covered so far in MGT602 to review that decision to study. Typical reflective questions
may include
o was the decision correct,
o has another decision model led you to rethink your study decision
o has your study met your learning expectations
o has the various covert and overt expenses been as you expected
It is important to note that this reflective assessment is different in intent to other subject offerings
where they have asked you to reflect on why you chose to undertake postgraduate studies.
Assessment 2 Case Study
According to most of the recent main senior management data sources for 2023, increasing
customer expectations is seen as a major challenge to business in 2023 and beyond.
The topic you are to address is to research specific processes that will help meet these increasing
customer expectations. This issue is seen as a major business challenge in both bricks/mortar and
online businesses.
It is important that you analyse the various issues at hand and compare
and contrast them accordingly
. Furthermore, your team must utilise examples from at least 3
different companies where this challenge is evident. Your report should offer recommendations as to
how these increased customer expectations can be met in a competitive business environment.
You will need to
review the expectation challenges and look at options for addressing these
issues by utilising different decision-making models that you have covered in this subject to
It is highly recommended that you utilise issues that face the industry that YOU currently work in or
have worked in previously.
In summary
Your team will need to critically analyse and evaluate alternatives to address this issue.
Your team will need to look at the relevant decision-making models that are or may be
utilised to address the issue.
Your team will need to propose a list of recommendations to address the issue.
You must support your research with relevant data and use appropriate visuals to
enhance the report.
Furthermore, you should appreciate that this assessment is partially based on group dynamics in
decision making and you need to reflect on its impact for your group to complete this assessment
Assessment 3
This assessment is primarily developed to give you an opportunity to deal with real-world situations
you will encounter in business. One of the major challenges to business in 2023 according to recent
research is the war for talent (i.e. looking for and keeping good staff). Since covid, staff have
become much more mobile and willing to look around for new opportunities.
In this assessment you will critically reflect on the application of key concepts and theories of
MGT602 in the analysis of the
war for talent from your current or previous workplace. In doing so,
you MUST consider a meaningful challenge that
YOU encountered or observed another person or
persons make
. You need to research and address the various elements of this important decisionmaking environment that has been covered in your classes this trimester.
If you do not have previous workplace management experience, then you must analyse the
challenges that your team experienced in the group decision-making processes undertaken by the
team in Assessment task 2.
This analysis should be based on your personal perceptions, not
the group’s
. This is a reflective assessment, not a descriptive essay.
To successfully address this assessment, you will need to review the models we addressed
throughout the trimester or others that
you have come across through your studies this trimester
and use them to back up your analysis.