Data Analysis of Global Business Guidance

FE7066 Data Analysis of Global Business Guidance and Marking Scheme for Assessment Component 002 Coursework – 2022-2023
1. The format of this coursework is a formal report.
2. The word count of 2,000 words counts the texts mainly for the body of the report as given in the question paper, allowing 10% above 2,000 words as students still need to include an introduction and a conclusion in their report.
3. Students are expected to provide computer outputs from data analysis and interpret the results as required.
4. Statements of hypotheses should be made clearly with correct meanings if required.
5. EViews is required for data procession and analysis for this coursework.
Allocation of the marks
Marking of this coursework focuses data analysis and interpretation of the results: Question 1 Investigating relationship of variables and testing of hypotheses: 60 marks, as indicated in detail provided in the question paper. Question 2 Test of cointegration and Error Correction Model: 40 marks, as indicated in detail in the question paper. Students are expected to understand how to perform the tests and provide computer outputs with comments on the results of data analysis as required.
100 marks are available in total.