Current Event Writing Assignment


Current Event Writing Assignment

Some of the topics we have already addressed in class include:

The need for an economic system

Differences between capitalism and communism

Production Possibilities Frontier

Gross Domestic Product

Government intervention in economics

Developing countries

Economic questions of “what”, “how”, and “for whom” to produce Supply and Demand Consumer Demand

Demand and supply

These are relevant, practical, economic topics that are evident in current events and addressed in the media.



Find a current event story in a magazine, newspaper, or other media that discusses an economic concept we have addressed in class. Prepare a 2-3 paper; the first page should introduce the topic and provide a summary of the news story. The second page (and third if applicable) will correlate the details of the news story to the economic concept.


summarize the article one page and other page should talk about the topics above which we have learnt in class.(the topics listed above)