Cultural Reflections Journal

Assignment 1 Cultural Reflections Journal

Students are asked to keep a learning journal during the semester to be assessed. The journal should not exceed 2,500 words. The journal should document your learning and reflections about this unit (at the strategic, functional and operational levels) from both a local and international perspective.

The purpose of the journal is to: Document your participation, development and progress in this unit. Demonstrate your learning journey, using examples and discussing insights by focusing on particular points of interest. The reader of your journal should be able to clearly identify, elements of the following: How you have become more self-aware as a result of the topics discussed? What, if any, behavioural changes have you made in your communication style? What, if any, changes have you made regarding your beliefs, values and attitudes towards the topics discussed? During the course of the program so far, what, situations did you face, that Challenged your perceptions, attitudes, beliefs or behaviours and actions? o Reinforced beliefs, values, behaviours, actions? o You will work on now and in the future? o Allowed you to discover something about yourself/others/communication that was new to you? Your journal should have descriptive, reflective, analytical and managerial elements. Descriptive elements simply explain a situation Reflections show further questions forming Analytical elements compare and contrast views and ideas Managerial either demonstrate how this is currently practised in business or how it could be applied. Get into a habit of writing down your reflections, observations, and questions on a regular basis, be it daily, weekly or after each of your readings/modules. In deciding what to write in the Journal consider the following as they relate to this unit: your daily experiences and/or personal experiences work situations, interactions with other people in Australia and overseas, other units you are enrolled in, the media, movies, social media the experiences of others and anecdotes etc. MBA6150 | Page 10

You are expected to write informally and in the first person. A review of 1 class Case Study will be required as part of this diary. This will be addressed in week 2. You can consider the following questions in relating to this unit: What did I learn today or this week? What did I find interesting? What was puzzling, difficult or unexpected? What did I learn from my experience (positive and negative)? Why do I believe this is happening? What else do I need to know? How can I turn a situation around using what I now know? How can I apply my theoretical knowledge to a particular situation? Have my assumptions and perspectives changed as a result of this experience? If so, how? How can I apply what I have learnt to my life and future career locally and in an international business environment?