Cultural Event Management

Scenario 5: Cultural Event Management (2 day festival)

It is planned to run a large scale cultural festival that will totally occupy the Beach at JBR. This space will be fenced off and unavailable to the general public for other activities for the full weekend. The event is likely to attract more people than the available capacity. It is envisaged that the event will attract an international audience.

Dubai Holding, developer of JBR has put together a team of stakeholders including residents, local businesses, environmentalists, event management companies etc to determine possible impacts of the event. Your report will be submitted to Dubai Holding.

Identify who the stakeholders of this project would be. Each student will think from one stakeholder’s point of view. This will require gathering information on JBR, types of cultural events that can be organised etc from the internet and other sources.

The social impact of this project may include impact on the environment, residents, local businesses, traffic, police, security etc

Your team needs to prepare a short survey to gauge community concerns and attitudes. This will be completed in class and added to your report.

Research could include studies of the Glastonbury Festival or other major cultural events and its impact on local communities, traffic etc.

Talk only about traffic and introduction about the product total 1300 worlds

Introduction- Group

1.1 Introduction traffic

1.2 Literature Review

1.3 Discussions

1.4 Recommendations

1.5 Conclusion

1.6 References

Statistics and tables