Cross-cultural awareness program
Operating from Australia, with sites in over 15 countries, it became clear in 2013 that
a potential risk to health, safety and work performance was arising due to the lack of
awareness of cultural practices and norms. This was having an impact on
communication and productivity across the global business.
INPEX developed a cross-cultural awareness program focused on building practical
and personalised cultural competency across the business. Many individual initiatives
provided specific support to INPEX personnel to manage a variety of complex cultural
situations while also focusing on developing intercultural relationship skills and
narrowing the cross-cultural communication gap.
Significant improvement to cultural understanding across the business, including
ownership of personal and team safety by individuals has been achieved. Their
personnel now readily challenge stereotypes and appreciate the benefits of crosscultural collaboration. The impact is measured using empirical research via
management and peer-review discussions, course assessment, and business-wide

Corporate policies, standards, and procedures are being implemented by INPEX to
support the ethnic cultures and corporate backgrounds of individuals who are
constructing and will be operating its US$34 billion Ichthys LNG Project.
Gas will be exported from the Ichthys Field in the Browse Basin to the onshore
processing facilities at Bladin Point, Darwin through an 889 km pipeline.
With no historical restrictions, INPEX has uncovered an opportunity to help create
positive cultural norms, and thus has strategies to harness diversity and build an
inclusive culture in its workforce.
This strategy focuses on educating, enabling, empowering and engaging the
workforce by establishing a working group, measuring behaviours in performance
appraisals and evaluating corporate cultural behaviour in employee engagement
surveys, and identifying diversity champions who decentralise activities.