Critical Thinking
Answer in Essay- Minimum 1000 words for each question 1 and 2.
So a total of more than of 2000 words
APA guidelines and formatting are required.
1. You have seen that e-mail is not universally loved although it is here to stay, despite the advent
of real-time chat apps, texting, and other workplace short-form messaging. “Email is the last
great unowned technology,” said Harvard law professor Jonathan Zittrain, “and by unowned, I
mean there is no CEO of email . . . it’s just a shared hallucination that works.” Others believe
that e-mail, though much maligned, “is still a cornerstone of the open web.”
Interpret these statements. What points are they making, about openness in particular?
2. Consider the case of Taylor, who is serving as interim editor of the company newsletter. She
receives an article written by the company president describing, in abstract and pompous
language, the company’s goals for the coming year. Taylor believes the article will need
considerable revising to be readable. Attached to the president’s article are complimentary
comments by two of the company vice presidents.
What action should Taylor take?