Country Research Paper Concept

The Country Research Paper Concept is an opportunity for you to outline your country research paper and get feedback early before completing the final paper. For this Country Research Paper Concept, in a Word document (with the format guidelines listed below), please provide:
1 An introduction of the country.
▪ This includes location, economic status, demographic and epidemiological transitions (from chapter 1).
2 Where available, present where the country is in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
3 List any key health indicators that you will describe in the final paper (see chapter 2).
4 What is the country’s public health or health infrastructure?
5 Describe the public health topic of concern.

6 Briefly describe or present in bullet points how you will research and discuss the public health topic of concern.
7 Include any references or websites visited using APA style.
Page Format Requirements
• 1 inch margins
• 1.5 line spacing