Contemporary Technologies

Research Paper

Assessment Component Point Value Due Dates
Presentation 20 Sunday by 11:59 pm of chapter week
Written Report 120 Sunday by 11:59 pm of chapter week


You can book the day you want to present your research, during the weeks of this semester. Choose one of the Contemporary Technologies / IS topics discussed in the chapter we will lecture that week (140 points) and prepare a research paper. Use Discussion Board to sign-up your presentation date. If there is 1 student signed up on a certain chapter, please check the availability of another chapter. We need to have presentations every week. You must choose a topic that we will lecture that week. Your research will include:

  • Discussion of the technology/ information system (what it is, current status, trend, industry products, etc) (make sure to choose a technology or IS concept, not a managerial concept). Technology should be a contemporary The topic should have as little overlapping as possible with the textbook.
  • Analysis and discussion on how technology/ IS will change the way we do business.
  • Your research will have a good mix of technology/ IS concepts and managerial concepts (try to have a 50 – 50 mix). Avoid research which is either focused on technology or only on managerial side.
  • The research assignment may have up to two sentences which are properly quoted or cited, from the internet or other sources. If the TurnItIn report shows more than 2 sentences copied and pasted from the sources (even you have placed quotes on them), I will deduct those sentences from the words required for your written assignment. Therefore, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM ANY SOURCE while you are preparing your research paper.
  • You will get credit only for sentences that are written by you (not just typed by you). The minimum word count which is your OWN work should be 2500 words. Please keep this in mind while you include tables, figures, references, etc (which DO NOT count towards the word limit).
  • You can change the presentation date (in case you made a mistake while booking it) before we finalize the presentation schedule (within the first 2 weeks of semester). Any changes made after that point will cause a reschedule presentation penalty of 5% off. Stay with the schedule and try not to postpone your presentation since every week will be full with other presentations. Your written report and presentation are always due by Sunday, 11:59 PM, in order to get full credit.


Report Structure

  • Abstract: a separate page that includes the paper’s title and your name as the author and provides an overview of your paper, approximately 150 words in length
  • Literature Review: describes the background information you discovered in your research
  • Discussion: explains the primary issues for the topic
  • Conclusions: summarizes the main takeaways from your research
  • References: at least 12 references from conferences or journals in APA format. Choose sources published in the last 24 months.



You need to submit:

  • A copy of your report in MS Word. I am expecting an in-depth discussion about the technology chosen, which must include at least 2500 words excluding tables, figures and references. The evaluation will be based on: depth of topic coverage, understanding of topic, amount and percentage of unique material not used in textbook, references cited and used (minimum 12) in APA Format (only journal and/or conference papers should dominate your references), and the substance and presentation of the written paper. Your report should be submitted via TurnItIn on Canvas (by Sunday 11:59 PM).
  • A narrated PowerPoint presentation on the week you are self-assigned to give your presentation. You need to create a narrated PPT slide presentation where you will add voice to your slides – use the automatic transition option (where slides change without the need to click on them). Your narrated presentation should be around 15 minutes and should match the written report you submitted via TurnItIn. Students may ask you questions in the next 2-3 days after you posted your presentation. You need to check if any questions are posted and do your best to answer those questions. Deadline to upload your narrated presentation on Canvas is by Sunday 11:59 PM.


The technology/IS research paper submitted in this class should be UNIQUE to this class. No part of the assignment submitted in MBI 625 should be part of assignments submitted in any other class.

MBI 625



Criteria Points (140)
1)           Depth of topic coverage (what it is, current status, trend, industry products, its influence in the business) 100
Presentation preparation & delivery 20
Amount / percentage of unique material (not in book) 20